Thursday, 30 June 2016

Mitja and his boat

Photo by Nikky Holmes

Day 2: I still don't have my dinosaur pin. Chances of finding it diminish.

Today, Tuesday 28th, was the first real production day. In the morning, Pillau and Alexis went out to do some testing and find out how all the equipment worked together, Alexis's sound stuff (which he brought with him) and Pillau's cameras (rented). In the meantime, Leo and I spent time on the script. We prepared tomorrow's (Wednesday's) session with Henri and Ville first, because it will be the only one with the two together and probably the most important in the whole documentary; and today's with Mitja, which, yes, was today, but much easier to prepare, because we knew we would be relaxed and because Mitja's availability during the production period is very flexible. Then we went to the place we would meet Mitja, ate some sandwiches from the nearby shopping centre Verkkokauppa, then he arrived...

...and we went to the harbour, docks, whatever. The boat was out of the water because he needed to do some maintenance work on it. We interviewed him while he was doing it. It took a while to start; first the technicians had to prepare all their toys. For me this was very interesting because I had never seen filmmakers filmmaking. It's actually amazing how a set-up works, the ritual of mounting the mechanical parts, the positioning is hilarious, etc., but then the coordination is perfect and they get super cool shots. We divided the session into four blocks, with four different topics and four camera positions. See some of Nikky's photos:

(Some are censored for the time being. No spoilers, goddamnit!)

After that, we went to buy an additional hard disk drive for the data backup (we're using 3 disks of 4 TB, that's some seriously secure backup) and we came back home. I spent the rest of the evening writing here while the others prepared check lists and spoke about cards and cables.

Finally, delight your eyes with my cellphone pics.

The star waiting for his turn

A retarded touareg

Can you spot Alexis capturing ambient audio?

Weh! Weh! Look at me! I have a rectangle! Weh! You're not looking!

The Windmobile

The star gets his attention


  1. It's so much fun to read your blog!
    This is such a cool mix of metal fun, brutal facts and magic :D
    Especially I like the photos. I want a physical album of those xD
    Nikki Holmes has a really really good sense of shooting photographs.
    By looking at the first picture I was thinking of the title:
    "Praise the boat, filmaking equipment.. and the boot of course!" ^^
    You're doing awesome stuff, keep it up everybody!!!

    Heathen regards


    1. * filmmaking
      * I'm sorry! It's Nikky not Nikki ^^"

  2. ^_______________________^
    My face, right now.
    And a scratch on Pirkko's belly from me, please!