Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Shit just got real

Tuesday, June 28th, 22:06 Helsinki time. We are in the apartment after a long session with Mitja and his boat.

But... WAIT! How did we get here?

On Thursday 23rd, I had a plane to London which first got delayed by 1 hour, then got delayed by 3.5 hours and eventually got cancelled. It was super cool to spend hours in the airport struggling to find out 1) what was going on, 2) what was going to happen and 3) where my luggage was. I had to deal with one normal person, one moron, one incredible asshole and two really nice people who, contrary to stereotypes, were the security guys. I arrived home at 5:30 AM, and the following (same) day I spent 3 more hours going back to the airport and finally getting my luggage (from the nicest person ever). Lotsa time wasted and hundreds of euros lost in a non-refunded London-Helsinki flight and a last-moment-booked and therefore very expensive Budapest-Helsinki flight.

Anyway. On Sunday 26th, everything happened as originally planned: Pillau and I arrived at Helsinki and went to sleep at Nikky's place. There I saw, for the first time, the Heritage box set. We also got to meet Pirkko.

"She's really long!" -Pillau

We were talking until a bit after 2:00 AM (we had arrived at half past midnight or so) but we didn't get to see the night. A proper night. It was a lazy night all the time. Not really nighty. And soon it was day again. Like at three. At 9:00 we were awake again.

Monday. Pillau and I left for the train station to get the car we had rented. We chose a car with a big boot (station wagon aka estate aka una ranchera que ni las de Chavela Vargas) because we need to fit all the equipment. Then we bought a SIM card and the horriblest thing happened: I lost my dinosaur pin!! It's not funny at all because I had had it since I was 10 years old or so. I have no idea how it happened but it did. At least I lost it in a grand place and moment: "in Helsinki while preparing for filming a documentary about Moonsorrow."

After losing that very dear possession, we went to get the equipment. We spent a SHITLOAD of money on that. More than on 4 people's planes (cancellation included), accommodation and car—combined. We went there, got soaked because of the crazy heavy rain and lack of umbrella (seriously, Finland? Was that necessary??) and spent almost two hours at the rental place checking everything. When Pillau was done inspecting machines and poles, he started playing Tetris to fit everything in the car; I tried to help him but he slapped my hand and screamed "Director!! My job!!!" (disclaimer: this may or may not be slightly dramatised). In the meantime, Leo arrived from London, but he didn't meet us; instead, he went to the apartment directly.

The pro and his toys

Then we did uninteresting things such as discussing things with the owner of the apartment, having lunch, etc. Leo and I had to discuss the state of the budget, which we did in a bar that, according to him, "either only men go for evening drinks in Finland, or this is a..." and that's how I had my first experience in a gay bar. The toilets, despite there being two separate ones, didn't have the man/woman sign on the doors, it was curious. After that, we picked up Pillau from home and headed towards Nikky's place again, to discuss with Mr. Director when she will be with us (she has to work on other stuff, so she isn't available all the time). After that, we met Mitja, who lent us a monitor, and we went for a beer together: Mitja, Leo, Pillau and I. This was a great conversation because we confirmed a lot of cool stuff concerning boats and islands, we agreed on how the interviews would be conducted and how they should be approached under documentary settings, he offered us all kinds of archive material, and countless etceteras. Really cool. And after that we went back to the apartment. After midnight I went to the station to pick up Alexis, and the team was complete.

The headquarters

The sky of Helsinki at 0:49 AM

P.S.: But where's the story with Mitja's boat? In the next post!

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